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Time: Sunday Mornings, 10 AM
Address: 450 Keebler Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406


Address: 408 E. 4th Street, Suite 300, Bridgeport, PA, 19405
Phone: 610-292-0179

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Harvest Kids


We believe firmly that young children can be transformed by the power of God’s Word, just like adults. We also know that it can be a real challenge for little ones to sit through a sermon that is geared for adults. So, for children up to fifth grade, we have classes just for them.

We know that parents are supposed to be the primary disciple-makers of their children, but the church can come alongside and help. That’s why each class sends home a paper each week with suggestions for how parents can continue to engage their children about the things of God throughout the week.



For infants and toddlers (up to 35 mos.), we offer a safe, loving environment for children to begin to learn about God. Read more.


Beginning at age three, we offer an age-appropriate structured program of worship songs, a Bible lesson with engaging visuals, crafts, and games. There will also be some free time for play.


Students in kindergarten through second grade get to study God’s Word on their level. The curriculum takes them on a rough circuit through the Bible over a period of several years. Once a month, this class combines with the older kids for a worship time. They also combine once a month for a large-group teaching time, followed by breakout sessions with their own teachers.


Our ministry to third- through fifth-grade students includes a Bible lesson that emphasizes application in everyday life, activities that reinforce the truth learned in the lesson, and once-a-month large-group worship with the K-2nd class. On fifth Sundays, this group joins the adult worship service to prepare them to transition to sitting with their parents in the service.

 We welcome the opportunity to show the love of Jesus Christ to your children and teach them from God's Word each weekend.

For more info about our Children's Ministry please contact Pastor Scott Allison.


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